While the development of technology has mainly been used in a positive light in educational spheres to further children’s learning in fun and beneficial way, it also has its downfalls; namely cyber bullying. Most commonly cyber bullying takes “a physiological rather than physical form but is often part of a wider pattern of ‘traditional’ bullying” (Office for internet safety, n.d). Cyber bullying has managed to permeated all forms of social media as can be seen in the following link which demonstrates that even twitter has its fair share of bullying. The link also gives tips on how best to avoid cyber bullying, and what to do if it does occur.
Cyber bullying is a real issue faced by today’s school children and should be taken seriously by everyone- parents, teachers, schools and students alike. Most schools will have a process to deal with and prevent cyber bullying but there are a few simple steps that everyone can take to lessen the likelihood of cyber bullying becoming an issue. Below is a quick video to watch that sums up the best way to stay safe online and put a stop to cyber bullying even before it occurs.

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