With new technology comes new ways of teaching and learning. An interesting new phenomenon can be seen with mobile learning devices. Attwood in his elearning paper explores the term ubiquitous computing, the notion that “connectivity will become available almost everywhere in the future…. And many different devices are now able to connect to the internet” (2007, pg. 3)

This means that no longer are children tied to a physical spot from which to research and communicate. Students are now able to access the internet, and by extension, a range of educational apps and websites where ever and whenever takes their fancy. It can be said that the traditional way of using computers was as an information storage device, whereas now we have progressed far beyond that and we use computers in a way that the student is the designer and the computer is a tool used to extend the brain.

Mobile learning encapsulates the belief that the best technology is the technology that is there. What good is a fancy computer locked away in a computer lab if a child needs to look up a fact while on an excursion? Mobile learning also makes learning more accessible, and more importantly relevant to the student’s lives and interests. Gone are the days where children are expected to memorise a list of facts, with mobile learning every tom dick and harry have a world of information at their fingertips- wherever and whenever. What teachers are now able to focus on is the process of learning, the skills as opposed to the content.

Reference List:
Graham Attwell and Pontydysgu (2007). Available at: http://www.elearningeuropa.info/files/media/media11561.pdf

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