Promoting Intellectual Quality with an IWB

My first blog entry will delve into the interesting and ever-changing area of technology in education, and more specifically interactive whiteboards (IWB). Ever since the introduction of IWB in classrooms there have been fierce debates as to whether or not they increase the quality of learning in any tangible way. Below is a list of ways in which IWB are capable of promoting the intellectual quality of students as explored by Kent (2008):

• It can engage students on a range of levels and thus caters for different learning styles
• If students miss an important lesson the teacher could record it and post it online
• IWB’s can provide instant feedback to the child in terms of their performance. For example if they are doing a maths or spelling program the IWB can be programmed to correct them rather than having to wait until the teacher is available
• On the same note it saves the teachers time and this spare time can be used productively
• Access to the internet provides a support network for teachers to share ideas and collaborate on programs for the IWB
• Provides an avenue to easily differentiate students
• It is fun for the students and thus makes them more likely to pay attention and learn.

If you’re still not convinced, visit the site below, play the game and then explore all the other educational games that is has to offer! They are fun, interactive games that cater for all different learning styles. Check it out at:

Reference List
Kent, P. (2008). Interactive whiteboards: A practical guide for primary teachers. South Yarra, VIC: Macmillan Publishers.

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